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turning a new page, so to speak

It's been awhile since I bothered to update this website, mostly because upkeep is rough and also because this past year and a half has been like WHOA with Coronavirus. I spent a good amount of time updating links and adding in stuff that I just neglected to over the last two years. Oops.

In any case, I decided after many years, to refurbish this blog, and archiving all the old entries for now, and just moving ahead with a clean slate. Good timing, because I finished my novel a couple of months ago (well, "finished," as in, I had a finished draft to send to agents). Speaking of, that's exciting because I signed with an agent, the talented and awesome Michelle Brower at Aevitas Creative Management! Michelle was the first agent to ever approach me, all the way back in 2015, after I wrote this piece about my grandmother, and we've kept in touch for all these years and it's amazing because now she's my agent!

Anyway, now comes the next part of this — the next rounds of editing, and then hopefully the selling, followed by, well, more editing, I'm sure. But it's exciting to finally get *this* far. If I'm lucky, a big reboot of my website will be around the corner, once I actually have a book to sell.

For now, just some updating of links, etc. I've published a bunch of editorials and other stuff since I last updated, and I have a new column with Catapult in the works. So. More soon!

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