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Who Was the First Asian American Author You Read? Copy

[ Electric Literature | May 21, 2019 ]

Thrilled to be featured alongside many other amazing Asian American writers, including Beth Nguyen, Alex Chee, Tracy O'Neill, Patrick Rosal, Tina Chang, R.O. Kwon, Mira Jacob, and more, talking about the first Asian American writers that were influential to us. I wrote about Bette Bao Lord, whose middle grade book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson was one of my first encounters with a Chinese American girl in literature.

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Interview with Karissa Chen

[ Awst Press | February 23, 2018 ]

I chat with the publishers of my new chapbook about politics, editing, diversity in publishing, and more.

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How Do You Define 'Home'?

[ Shondaland | March 13, 2018 ]

Part of a roundtable with other writers featured in the Asian American Writers Workshop anthology, Go Home!, we discuss the anthology and ideas of home.

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Feature: Five Qs with Karissa Chen

[ Writing Like an Asian | April 22, 2016 ]

I discuss my writing, my editing, what I look for in Asian American writing, and why I love murmurations.

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After Amy Tan: An Asian American Literature Roundtable

[ The Toast | February 18, 2015 ]

I discuss race, identity, writing, the burden of representation, childhood books, and Amy Tan with four other Asian American woman writers (Nicole Callahan, Ari Laurel, Christine Lee Zilka, and Cathy Linh Che). We had a good time.

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Speaking of Marvels: Karissa Chen

[ Speaking of Marvels | February 14, 2015 ]

I discuss my chapbook, Of Birds and Lovers, including the thought process behind some of the stories and how I put together the book etc

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from Revision Round-up

[ Necessary Fiction | July 4, 2012 ]

Good friend Matt Salesses did a residency over at Necessary Fiction and I contributed to his round-up of thoughts on revision from several writers. Find me 2/3 down the page.

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