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[ m e d i t a t i o n s  o n  m y  n a m e ]

Meditations on My Name

[ Awst Press, March 2018 ]








A non-fiction chapbook containing linked mini-essays, each a meditation on the names I've known and been called, and how these names evoke love, intimacy, heartbreak, history, and home.​


My love does not know his name.


That isn’t true, exactly. He has a name. He has a first name, named after a saint. He has a middle name, which I’ve never seen him write beyond an initial. He has a last name, which sometimes he tells me are roses and sometimes he tells me are a field of horses. One day I look it up and I see it means gardenia, in Spanish, in Tagalog, the same word in two different languages because the Spanish conquered his people.

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