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December 8


[ sweet fantasy]



Okay, I'm not really a humor writer, but when Nicole Chung over at The Toast asked me if I wanted to co-write a piece with her imagining that Daniel Henney was our boyfriend, well, how does one say NO to that?


This was stupidly fun to write. Mostly because I got to make up my perfect boyfriend, and who the hell doesn't want to do that? (I love my real-life boyfriend, of course, but it's always fun to make a boyfriend who can't possibly exist!)


Thanks so much to Nicole Chung for letting me do this, sending me Daniel Henney GIFs throughout my flight and while I was settling into Taipei, and for editing our FIVE PAGE DOCUMENT down to... four and a half. :D


Also, the comments section in this piece is gold. IT'S THE ONLY GOOD COMMENTS SECTION IN ALL OF THE INTERNET.


Now, all of you may commence to imagine what it would be like IF DANIEL HENNEY WERE YOUR BOYFRIEND.



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