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November 20


[ post-election]

I waited a long time to write this, mostly because I have been, like many people, so disheartened by the election that I find it difficult to write. A few days prior to the election, I was asked by The Establishment to weigh in on what people in Taiwan say about our elections. So I wrote this little short essay, at the time convinced that everything was going to be okay, that we as a nation would make the right choice.

It seems almost pointless, now, to advertise this little essay I wrote. 

The coming weeks, months, and years are ones which we will have to fight a hell of a lot harder than we might have anticipated. I spent about a week debillitated in bed, literally overcome with stress, anxiety, and depression over the election results, before coming back to the States for the holidays. Now, the news that rolls in daily is still depressing, but I'm ready to fight. Not just for our country, but for the sake of the world. For the stability of this world, for this planet.

Anyway. If you are curious about my thoughts at the time, here they are. I wish I had been right.


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