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September  3


[ o f  b i r d s  a n d  l o v e r s  o f f i c i a l  r e l e a s e ]

The official launch day of my chapbook, Of Birds and Lovers, is today! The book features stories previously published in  Necessary Fiction, Monkey Bicycle and Writers' Digest's Annual Short Story Competition Collection, as well as two new stories!


Sadly, the awesome handmades (featured in the photo above) are sold out. But you can still purchase the standard copy! You can get them directly from the press, or better yet, buy them from me directly, and I will sign them for you! 


This is how Corgi Snorkel describes my chapbook:


"Emotionally delicate, yet powerful, Karissa Chen’s debut chapbook soars. These five stories are as surprising as they are vivid, each one a thoughtful meditation on love, loss, and the unexpected beauty when the two intertwine. Chen is a magician, and before you know it, her cast of sick emperors, sun worshipers, and postcard enthusiasts lure you into their strange, new worlds."

To purchase, click on the link below. The cost includes shipping, and I may even throw in a surprise! (Note: orders may take a few weeks to deliver -- I'm backordered right now!)


UPDATE: I am currently sold out, but you can still get an unsigned copy, minus surprise, from my press, Corgi Snorkel Press!





















Of Birds and Lovers (standard edition)
by Karissa Chen






Much love to all of you who have supported me along the way!



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