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July 2


A few months back, I was confused when a package came for me and I opened it up to find Writers Digest Literary Guides. Like, the one with the agents, and the one with the literary markets. There was no name inside and I was like, Did someone send me a gift? I tweeted about it, and then an hour later, I got an email from Writers Digest.  Apparently, I'd placed fifth in their annual Short Short Story Competition.  I'd completely forgotten I'd entered! But I was honored and excited, particularly because I received a small cash prize (I've never been paid for my writing before).


They collected the top 25 winners, and compiled the shorts into a collection, which you can purchase here.




The story is titled "Decency" and it is about a town of gossips who judge a young couple who have recently moved in. The story is sort of part of a larger project I've been working on for a year and a half now, and is also one of the stories featured in my forthcoming chapbook, Of Birds and Lovers, from Corgi Snorkel Press.


It was also in part inspired by this story in The Good Men Project.




This is a story about the assumptions we sometimes have of other people, and the ways in which we never know the full story. 




I hope you get a hold of either a copy of the anthology or of my chapbook and read the story.  It's short, but it's meaningful to me.

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