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June 21


[ the bff i always wanted*]

It was only last year that Nicole Chung asked me to be part of a roundtable discussion at The Toast, a funny site made by and for a certain kind of literary woman. From there, Ive written an essay I've been wanting to write for a long time, and co-authored two fantasy "If X Were Your Y" pieces with Nicole (Daniel Henney—Boyfriend; Levar Burton & Yo-Yo Ma—Dads).

Sadly, The Toast is folding in July, but I wanted to get in one final If X Were Your Y piece with Nicole. I picked Lea Salonga, since it seemed apropos to write a piece about a fantasy best friend with a girlfriend who I've gotten to know through the publication.


*Also, writing this made me realize how lucky I was to have Eugenia Leigh as my real life bff; a lot of these were based off of her.

Anyway, thank you to The Toast, and especially to Nicole Chung, who has become a friend. And farewell.


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