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June 19


I'm thrilled to announced that my debut chapbook, Of Birds and Lovers, is available for pre-order at the Corgi Snorkel Press website. I'm honored to be part of Corgi Snorkel's debut run, alongside Sam Martone, whose chapbook, Methodology, will also be published in August.


Salvatore Pane and Theresa Beckhusen, the founders of Corgi Snorkel, have this awesome idea to bring "summer reading for serious readers" in the form of beautifully handcrafted chapbooks.


For $7, you can get the standard version but why would you, when you can get a handcrafted version along with an audiobook for $15? 



And with your purchase you also get something not listed but definitely included: lots of invisible hearts from me.




Five flash stories, guys. Two you guys have seen before in Monkeybicycle and Necessary Fiction, one that won fifth prize for the Writers Digest Short Short Story Competition (more on that later), and two entirely new stories never seen before. 


Yes, there's:


A story about a lover with limited words

A story about an emperor who keeps getting sick

A story about a gossipy town

A story about people who climb the moon

A story about birds in the form of postcards




I came upon the short short story form accidentally. I never thought I could compress a story into a tiny amount of space -- my writing tended to be sprawling and wordy. Yet over the years, I've found it refreshing. You can do so much in a little bit of space, and you can do more of them too. You can pay attention to the poetics as you're writing, in a way that is harder to have the patience for when approaching something pages and pages long. And you can take different voices, without worrying about long-term sustainability, or try different forms.


These stories are all experiments and fables of sorts, a little peek into the merry-go-round of my imagination.




Things my chapbook (at $7!) is cheaper than:


A gourmet sandwich in New York.

A train ticket from Penn Station to Bronxville.

A movie ticket.

A tossed deli salad from just about anywhere.

A pint of Red Mango .

A wedge of fancy cheese.

A pound of lobster (unless you live in Maine).

A cheap necklace fro Claire's.

Passport photos.

A shirt from H&M.

A jar of fancy pickles.

A cocktail.

In some restaurants, a soda.

Cab fare.

The taxes on your cell phone bill.




Please please buy one! It will make me incredibly happy.


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