May 9


[ fantasy dads]

Following up on our tradition of co-authoring our fantasy life, Nicole Chung and I wrote about what it would be like if Yo-Yo Ma and LeVar Burton were our two dads.


This excites me especially because last year I had a chance to meet LeVar Burton (for two seconds) in real life, and I came home and told my mom it was the best day of my life. 


Also, LeVar himself retweeted this article, which was THE BIGGEST WIN.


Yo-Yo Ma I have yet to meet in person, but I think he's lovely and I really want to see him in concert!


Last: isn't this image just PERFECT!? It's by the awesome and talented Marissa Maciel and I am obsessed with it.


So, yeah. Hoorah!


(On the sad news front, it was recently announced that The Toast will be shuttering in July. Sad face.)



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