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March 21


[food writing dreams come true!]

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Photo credit: Sean Marc Lee

I'm belated in posting about this, but I'm super excited that I have three articles in Eater's Taipei package. Anyone who knows me, knows that I *love* food. It's a separate passion of mine, aside from reading and writing. So I've always thought it would be incredible to be able to do some food writing. How lucky I feel that my first foray into the genre is in writing about Taipei, a city I have grown to love!

I wrote about:

- My obsession with hot pot, in a personal essay/hot pot reco hybrid

- The history of the Taiwanese train bento

- A walkthrough of every tourist's favorite seafood destination, Addiction Aquatic Development

These articles were hard work, but I really enjoyed writing them. Check out the full package here!


Also, unrelated, but I have my second Catapult column, on learning about my reproductive system and control, up here.

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