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March 13


I love the ocean. I love the sound of waves, the hot sun, the soft sand between my toes. When I lived in San Diego, I spent my summer doing nothing but lying out for hours. My friend Connor and I would get there after lunch and stay out until the skies turned purple and the water swallowed the sun. I love ocean sunsets too.

Away from the ocean now, I listen to waves when I work. The rhythm of the water calms me, helps me get into a zone. I can shut out the entire world while the ocean plays. I can dive into whatever world is necessary for me to be in. First point of departure is the water. After that, all things are limitless.

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I've rebooted my website, as you can see. The waves that are playing (which can be stopped at the bottom of the page) are a snippet of the three-hour track I loop while I write. The background is of a sunset down in Cape May, New Jersey, on a beach that is one of only a small handful of points along the East Coast where you can see the sunset over the ocean.  This, I think, encapsulates a little bit of me.

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Check back for occasional updates. I have a couple of announcements in the coming months, and maybe a few interesting morsels and ideas to share. I should be better about updating here, but honestly -- I'm trying to write.

But drop me a line. Tell me a story. Browse around. And thanks for coming.

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