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February 24


[ different worlds]

Illustration by Vivian Shih

I was asked to write this article about Chinese sci-fi and Chinese American sci-fi. After talking to some friends (including the amazing Ken Liu), I decided that I'd like to tackle the fallacy of lumping these two disparate groups together (even as I was conscious that I was doing this very thing in that process). The result is this article, complete with listicle of writers you should check out! (Because it's for Audible, the links aren't exactly all to the pieces I am recommending, but trust me, you should be reading these awesome writers.) 

This article was a ton of fun to research, because I got to read pieces by both writers I have and haven't heard of before. Many thanks to Ken Liu for the research help and for letting me bounce ideas off of him and reading earlier drafts of this. I was so worried about getting this right!


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