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February 21


[ homesickness]

A couple of years ago, I visited the island of Kinmen, one of the outer islands of Taiwan. It was an island that, at the height of the Chinese Civil War and after it, saw the most action, being that only a thousand miles separated it from the Chinese mainland. As I stood on the shores, staring over the seas at Xiamen, I thought of a story I had once heard, about a young soldier who tried to swim across the strait because he could see his hometown from where he was stationed, a hometown he was forbidden to return to. Not too long after, I wrote a short story, "Blue Tears," based upon this story, just in time to submit it to the Asian American Writers Workshop call for stories of home. That story was accepted, and the anthology, Go Home!, is debuting next month, published by Feminist Press. The story has been reprinted by The Rumpus, so you can check it out and then buy the anthology.. 

I'm really excited to be a part of this anthology. I'll be doing several events around the launch of the anthology, including a panel at AWP, an offsite reading in Tampa, and a launch event at the AAWW. Check out the events section for more details!

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