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February 18


[ we the mothers]

Image by Laszlo Kovacks

One of the perspectives I've long been fascinated with when I think of the homebound stories of Taiwan, are the mothers whose sons left them, many of them for war. Yeah a lot of those who fled were old generals, but there were also young men who, I suppose, joined the war in a desire to do something meaningful for their country. Regardless of which side of the war you were on, I think at the end of the day, it must have been difficult for the mothers of these young men to let them go, even if they believed it was for a just cause.


This piece of flash, "Devils, Our Sons", the first draft of which I wrote in workshop at Kundiman (helmed by Gina Apostol), was my attempt to capture the feelings these women must have had. I'm so excited to have it appear in Gulf Coastaccepted by my friend Matthew Salesses in a record three minutes time.



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