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January 29


[ aid through fiction]

I have a story in this extremely important anthology, Outpouring: Typhoon Relief Anthology. As the name suggests, the anthology was put together to raise funds for the Philippine relief victims. I am so so so honored to have my story, "X" selected as one of the stories in this anthology, and I really hope people buy this anthology to help support the cause.


Unfortunately, while there are no print-on-demand or PDF versions of the book, there are both Kindle and epub versions, the latter being easily readable on the computer and a variety of devices! So please please pretty please buy a copy. It's only $3.99, and the money goes to help those in the Philippines who are still recovering from the terrible natural disaster that was Typhoon Yolanda.




Speaking of natural disasters, this story is definitely one about natural disasters. About storms, about disease, about becoming estranged and growing apart from someone you love, about miscarriage. It was a strange story to write, one of the last I wrote in grad school, and one that felt difficult to access even while I was writing it. Probably because the narrator is so closed off. It was hard to inhabit her, and when I reread this story, I am surprised I wrote her, that she exists. She's so foreign to me in many ways, so broken and cold and closed off but vulnerable. 


I hope you guys will read it.


Many thanks to Dean Francis Alfar for selecting my piece for his anthology.




Epub format from Kobo

Kindle format from Amazon



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