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January 27


[ g r a c e  a n d  s p o r t s ]

A two-fold announcement: me, along Patrick Rosal and Ross Gay, have launched a literary sports magazine, Some Call It Ballin' today. I happen to also have an essay in the magazine, about my awkward teenage years, grace, loss, and Michelle Kwan.


The magazine started as a small little idea, and it's turned into this beautiful thing we're very proud of. Our first issue has everything from an essay about football and concussions to an Ethiopian marathon runner to Manny Pacquiao in Macau, and more. We also were able to comission amazing original artwork from Nicholas Rosal, and a fresh logo from Mark Rosal.


We're trying to bring the literary personal essay and sports together, to trouble the notion of traditional sports writing. Hope you take a look!




As for my essay -- I've always wanted to write about Michelle Kwan. I've also always wanted to write about grace. And I didn't really want to write about how awkward of a teenager I was, but uh, there we have it. This essay means a lot to me, for many reasons, so I hope, if you've ever been an awkward insecure teen, or if you've ever idolized a figure, or ever simply loved figure skating or Michelle Kwan, that you'll take a look.


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